I Tried Out For My Dream Job – Grilling Pizza Taster

So at the end of last year, a company called OONI was looking for a few pizza taste testers. Yes, my dream job! I went to their website and the product seemed like it would work great for townhome or condo dwellers. So I moved out of my comfort zone and made a short video(It had to be less than 60 seconds) as dictated by the online instructions.

pizza on the grill
Dream job of being a pizza taster

I Love Grilling Pizza

During the warmer months and sometimes during some of our beautiful Colorado winter days, I visit my local supermarket and buy some french bread dough. It’s a little harder to use than say pizza dough but I do love the taste of the finished product. Then I fire up my outdoor gas grill to BBQ some very tasty homemade pizza. To begin with, I roll out the french bread dough with lots of flour… one of the many reasons I didn’t make the pizza taster cut ..oh well… Out of one loaf I can get three or four good size individual pizzas. It’s great for BBQ pizza parties. Everyone has their own pizza.

Anyway, I then oil the dough with olive oil of course, and place it on the grill for a few minutes, until the dough sets up. In the meantime, I get all my ingredients ready. The cheeses, yes I use at least two types of cheeses. Mozzarella and one other sharper cheese. I try to have a meat sauce and a marinara. I will have available to choose baby spinach, olives, mushroom, onions, arugula, bacon, and many other fresh ingredients.

Once the dough is set up I bring them inside for the fun part. Add any and all the toppings you want onto your individual pizza. Once the dough is topped with the delicious items, I return the pizza to the grill until the cheese is nice and bubbly.

Always Have Wine On Hand

I usually have a nice Chianti, Pinot Noir, or Pinot Gregorio available to accompany the delicious straight off the grill pizza.

I usually have a nice Chianti, Pinot Noir or Pinot Gregorio available
Wine with grilled pizza

My Attempt to Land My Dream Job

So if you want to see my attempt to land my dream job check the video below. And go ahead and laugh LOL.

Stepping out of my comfort zone. Grilling pizza video.

Until next time!

Ciao! And buon appetito.

12 thoughts on “I Tried Out For My Dream Job – Grilling Pizza Taster”

  1. First of all, Rob, tanti auguri on your foray into the blogging world and the beginnings of your social media empire!!! A mogul you shall make, friend. Secondly that was the cutest, coolest video!! Seriously. I would’ve hired you for a pizza tasting taster job.

  2. Just fabulous–I remember your first attempt when you had us over and we each chose our own toppings and then you grilled the finished product and they were great.!!!! Keep going.

  3. Awesome!! How far you have come from the first time you grilled for us!! I am so impressed! The blog is full of great information, especially for us wine lovers!

  4. Just arrived here via your wife’s blog – it’s nice to ‘meet’ the man behind the camera! That pizza looks amazing, the best thing about making your own pizza is that you get to say what goes into the topping. I don’t normally choose to have meat on a pizza but yours looks so good, maybe I’ll have to give it a try! I agree with you that Pinot Noir goes so good with pizza, but have you tried it with Montepulchiano? Oh my goodness, one of my favourite Italian wines!

    1. Hi Deb thanks for visiting my blog and the great comment. I love love love Montepulchiano and will try it at our next pizza party…

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