My Story Telling Debut

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” -Zig Ziglar-

My storytelling debut. Once in a while, I am going to try my hand at storytelling on my weekly blog. And today I will be introducing you to part of my first children’s short story.

Okay, as you will experience I am not a trained writer. I am a math guy. But in my other life, I did dabble in songwriting.

The songwriting critics did slice and dice my work when I subjected myself to songwriting workshops and competitions. However, I was also a performer and my audiences always seemed to enjoy my music and songs.

The last two songs I wrote before I put aside my music were for my wife. That was 15 years ago. I recorded them on a CD and we had them playing at our after-wedding dessert party.

So, I hope you enjoy my little adventure. And if you don’t then just lie. LOL

The Little Girl with the Silver Hair.

When Livy walks by, it’s the curly silver hair that you notice. Livy, a typical seven-year-old girl lives with her parents. They just moved downtown into a new bright red brick and gray stone townhouse, on a newly developed cul-de-sac.

Livy is fair-skinned and has cute dotted freckles on her face. She is somewhat small for her age and is very bright, as she will remind you without you asking. She is an only child and it’s no surprise that exploring is on her mind?

“Hey, Yrrow let’s go down to the park and play on the swings. Wait here while I go ask mom.” Now Yrrow was Livy’s best friend. A bright blue bear with an orange shirt and polka dot pants. ” No Livy” the blue bear exclaimed! “The swing set may be old and rusty and I am afraid you may cut yourself. You know, if you cut yourself on rusty things you will need to get a “test nest” shot. Ouch! Let’s Just stay here today.”

Livy’s brow furrowed, “But Yrrow, it’s such a beautiful day. I think we should go out and enjoy the sunshine.” “Oh no”, Yrrow said, ” the orange ball in the sky is too bright and can hurt our eyes. And besides we might get “some burn” and your skin can bubble. Ouch! Let’s Just stay here today.”

Now while Livy was trying to convince Yrrow that they should go outside to play. The doorbell rang. Yrrow jumped, “Who could that be? We must go hide under the bed in case it’s someone “dane ju ris”. Livy, at her wit’s end sighed, ” Now Yrrow stop all this bother and stop being such a scaredy-cat. You go hide under the bed. I will go get my mom and see who is at the door.” Of course, Yrrow mumbled, ” It might be a “strain ger” at the door. “Ouch! Let’s Just stay here today”

Livy found herself walking gingerly with her mom towards the door. Hiding behind her mom she was thinking to herself wondering, ” What if Yrrow was right after all?”

The squeak of the door opening made Livy jump with fright. She mumbled to her mom,” I think I will go and hide with Yrrow”. Livy’s mom ignored her, thinking to herself ” I will need to add, oiling the door hinges to the repair list for the builders”

Patiently standing waiting to be greeted at the front door was the next-door neighbor little girl Pollie. Pollie was in the same grade as Livy and attended the same school. Pollie was a little taller than Livy and had beautiful brown skin and long think black hair.

Livy’s mom greeted her, “Why hello Pollie, how are you on this glorious day?” Pollie a tad shy responded, ” Why hello, I was hoping that Livy could come out and play with me today.” Livy peeked out from behind her mom and a big smile appeared on her face. And quickly, Livy moved in front of her mom saying, “Oh hi Pollie, I was just thinking of going to the playground and swinging on the swings.” Then looking at her mom asking, “If that’s okay with you?” Her mom ecstatically agreed, “Yes I think that’s a grand idea. I will call the neighbors to let them know you will be playing there.”

There are a few neighbors which have houses surrounding the playground and the parents like to watch out for each other’s children.

“Oh” Pollie spoke up, “and my mom will be watching us too. She is expecting us to be playing near the swings” Livy’s mom said to both ” Well then it’s settled, have fun and be careful. And Livy please be back by three for your piano lessons. “

“Wait”, Livy said as she ran to her bedroom, ” I need to go get Yrrow.”

to be continued…….

Thank you for stopping by and until next time!